The 2016 Best of the Best “Sensational 60” Girls Basketball Showcase IS and all other “Best of the Best” events will be NCAA Certified. The 2016 Best of the Best “Sensational 60” Showcase is an exclusive, invite only, one day showcase that will feature 60 of the top girls’ high school players from around the United States. The event will be unmatched by any due to the level of competition, hospitality, proficiency, and overall customer service. The event prides itself on quality over quantity which means that the major focus is on creating the absolute best possible experience for the set number of players, the hundreds of collegiate coaches, fans, and spectators who will all be in attendance. The overall goal is to become the “Rolls-Royce” of girls’ basketball events and set a standard of excellence which builds and maintains a superior reputation well into the future by bridging the gap between high school aged female student-athletes and collegiate opportunities.

Ultimately, we hope everyone in attendance walks away from this event looking forward to the next one!!

-Welcome Coaches and Players

If you received an invite, you are personally invited to register your player(s) for the 2016 Best of the Best “Sensational 60” Showcase. This exclusive, once a year, event will take place on Saturday, July 9, 2016 with the first of six total games starting at 10am and the last game of the day, the All-Star game, starting at 5:00pm. This will be the premier girls’ basketball showcase of the summer. There are only 60 spaces for the event and will DEFINITELY fill up fast so be sure to register your player(s) TODAY! Once registered, the player(s) name will appear in the players attending list on the website for the event.

Including your player(s), the showcase will feature 60 of the top girls’ high school players from throughout the country, all under one roof, competing for the right to be called the “Best of the Best”! It does not matter what brand they represent, if they are from a big town or small town, if the player(s) has the talent, work ethic, and attitude to step on the court against other top players, this event is the place to show exactly why they are the “Best of the Best”!!

Coaches, when registering your player(s), please be sure to complete ALL information. This ensures that on the day of the event, it will be time to BALL, not do paperwork.

-Event Structure

Coaches, your player(s) will play two games during the showcase and if chosen, they will be selected to participate in a third game, which will be the All-Star game. No matter what, every game will test your players’ heart and talent. There will be six teams comprised of ten players on each team. All players will receive equal playing time in order to ensure that each player gets maximum exposure from collegiate coaches.

-Pricing and Registration

There is NO registration fee for the 60 invited participants and since this is such a rare luxury for this quality of an event, we are asking for TOTAL and FULL commitment once registered. We are asking if there is any possibility that your player(s) cannot attend then please do NOT register players until their attendance can be guaranteed. This is because the college coaches packets, t-shirts, lunch, and team structures will all be based on the total number of participants definitely attending. Once registered, your player(s) has a guaranteed spot in the event. To ensure that all registered participants
are present and ready to compete on the day of the event, when registering you must input your credit card/debit card information.

**The 60 spots will fill up fast and no spots will be reserved for any player

-What’s included for players participating

Each player registered to participate in the 2016 Best of the Best “Sensational 60” Girls’ Basketball Showcase will receive t-shirts, lunch, water and Gatorade during each of their very competitive games, as well as an opportunity to play in the All-Star game if they bring their A-Game and standout during the event.

-NCAA Rules – Coaches and Players

All individuals who engage in coaching activities at the 2016 Best of the Best “Sensational 60”Girls Basketball Showcase MUST be approved through the NCAA Coaches’ Approval Process. The Approval Process consists of an application, criminal background check, an authorized release of information, and an NCAA educational component.

Every coach and player must check-in on the day of the event.  Coaches are required to show valid state or government issued picture identification which matches the name and information registered with the NCAA system.  Each player checking-in on the day of the event must match the name on the roster inputted into the NCAA system.   Any player NOT listed on the NCAA roster will NOT be allowed to play.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!!

All players participating in the 2016 Best of the Best “Sensational 60” Girls Basketball Showcase MUST be registered for the event thru the online NCAA system prior to participating in the event.  Coaches are expected to keep this information updated online.  The same address and telephone number CANNOT be used for multiple players.  Failure to submit all required information will result in your player(s) being denied participation in the event.  On the day of the event, there will be a MANDATORY NCAA educational session PRIOR to the start of the first game. If your player(s) does NOT attend the session, they will NOT be allowed to participate in the event. The educational session will be scheduled in an adequate amount of time before the first game on July 9, 2016 and this information will be included along with an event game schedule in the registration confirmation.

-NCAA Event Participation Process and Links

All individuals who engage in coaching activities at NCAA certified events must be approved through the NCAA Participant Approval Program administered by First Advantage prior to participation.

Application for Participant Approval
"Coaches have to go to the Verified Volunteers (VV) website to apply for the background check. Background checks submitted during a month when NCAA Certified events occur will also be charged a $50 penalty/late fee resulting in the total base cost being $100.00. Additionally, some states and/or counties charge a fee to access your records. You will be required to pay these pass-through fees when you complete your transaction with VV. These fees will be paid to the state/county and cannot be avoided.

To complete the background check application, go to:
click here

Rules Education for Coaches of Prospective Student-Athletes

A coach or team administrator will need to register their team in the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS). The entire team needs to be entered along with the coaches and their approval numbers.  Once the team information has been entered, the team will need to “opt in” to the event(s) in which they would like to participate.  This can be completed by clicking “edit team events” on the team page in the BBCS.  We will have every approved event posted and the coach/team administration will need to put a check mark next to the event and click the save button.


The 2016 Best of the Best “Sensational 60” Showcase is going to take place at the absolutely beautiful Southland Center in Lynwood, Illinois.  For all those players attending the event from out of state,iIt is a direct 30 minute shot from downtown Chicago on Interstate 94 and 294.  The facility has free and ample parking space for cars, vans, and buses.  The player entrance to the facility will be clearly marked and is located directly in front of the parking lot.

-Player Registration Questions

If you would like to register your player(s) for the 2016 Best of the Best “Sensational 60” Showcase or if you are an AAU, travel team coach, or parent and you have any questions, please feel free to contact Director Dejeanette Flournoy directly by phone at: 773-744-0985.

Player Registration Form